Marketplace Texas Podcast Debut

Join us for our new podcast, Marketplace Texas, co-hosted by Doug McCullough and Danielle Huddleston of McCullough Sudan. Marketplace Texas is a virtual continuation of our Marketplace Dallas private equity forum lunch series and focuses on middle market, law, finance and policy. In our first episode of Marketplace Texas, Franklin Parker, CFA, joins us for

Real Clear Markets: Americans Must Be Allowed to Safely Get Back to Work

Make “Safety” not “Essential Services” the Test Ravaged by COVID-19, the American economy is on the precipice of economic free fall. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard has forecasted a 30% U.S. unemployment in the second quarter and a possible GDP plunge of 50%. Goldman Sachs has made similar warnings about our economic trajectory. American businesses

Tech Industry Panel – Toronto

Aaron Woo will be a panelist on the Tech Industry Panel in Toronto on May 7th during the State Bar of Texas International Section’s Trip to Canada.  The panel will discuss the strong connection between Austin and Montreal as hi-tech leaders. The discussion will also include government subsidizing salaries and subsidizing benefits for new AI/Tech

Marketplace Dallas – Crossborder Investment Panel

Doug McCullough (law partner at McCullough Sudan and director of the Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce) moderated panel on Cross-border investing featuring Ardenton Capital Private Equity Director, Brendan Achariyakosol; Consulate of Canada Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner, Dina Santos; BMO Capital Markets Managing Director of the M&A Group, Cameron Hewes; and Blake, Cassels & Graydon, Alberta Partner, Dan Jankovic. The event was co-hosted

State Bar of Texas International Newsletter – Navigating Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts: Legal Issues in An International Setting

September 23, 2019 Austin, Texas In September of 2019, the ILS hosted a CLE Event in Austin, TX that was presented by a panel of specialized experts who shared a variety of perspectives on cutting-edge technology regulated by an ever-evolving body of law pertaining to the use of blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts in the

State Bar of Texas International Newsletter – Canada-U.S. Trade: Looking Across the Northern Border

“We’re more than friends and neighbors and allies; we are kin, who together have built the most productive relationship between any two countries in the world today.” – President Reagan, welcome ceremony remarks at the Shamrock Summit, Quebec City, March 17, 1985 Introduction Despite being one of our closest friends and neighbors, our biggest trade

State Bar of Texas International Newsletter: Due Diligence for Political and Trade Risk Considerations for North American Cross-border Transactions

Introduction On November 30, 2018, the United States, Canada, and Mexico agreed to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”) with the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (“USMCA”). The new agreement has been marked by fraught negotiations provisions, resulting in a heightened sense of trade uncertainty for the middle market. In the past, President