State Bar of Texas International Newsletter – Winter 2020 Edition

Partners, Doug McCullough and Aaron Woo, were recently published in the State Bar of Texas International Law Section- International Newsletter. Aaron Woo’s article addresses the legal issues in an international setting regarding block-chain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts while Doug McCullough’s articles address due diligence for political and trade risk. Read more in the Winter 2020 Edition of the

FEE: What is Entrepreneurship?

If you ask most people about their impression of entrepreneurship, they might use words like “small business” or “innovation” or describe it as “working for yourself.” Some may go beyond that and paint a picture of an audacious Silicon Valley founder who boldly takes risks and tirelessly overcomes challenges. For others, an entrepreneur is a

Anatomy of a Technology Transaction

It’s 2019 and nowadays almost every business has some technological or data component that is critical to its profitability.  So, what makes a tech deal different from a standard bricks and mortar deal? Given the constraints on length, this article assumes you are familiar with basic M&A principles and addresses a handful of concepts that

Doug McCullough on The McCuistion Program

Doug McCullough joined Dennis McCuistion on The McCuistion Program for a discussion about Trade Wars: NAFTA and Beyond.   The episode premiered on October 14, 2018 on the PBS channel and is available for viewing here.