Brexit: Implications for the Market and the US

In what Boris Johnson calls a “Glorious Opportunity”, Great Britain has voted by referendum to leave the European Union. Markets this morning have been jolted by the news. The pound is sliding and investors are nervous. But, what will be the long term consequences to Great Britain, countries like Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the future of the European Union? With a weak European and global economy, and an ongoing refugee crisis, could we see further disruption to the EU and markets?

Will London have the wherewithal to remain the financial capital of Europe despite breaking from the EU. And, bringing this closer to home, will the Brexit vote have broader implications for the upcoming US election that features similar nationalist/anti-establishment undercurrents against a globalist/establishment party.

Will the Brexit market disruptions have an impact on the American Main Street? Certainly, Brexit will cause an immediate disruption to the global economy. This is likely to negatively effect US companies in the short term. However, will there be a flight of European capital to the US for perceived stability?

We will follow the unfolding story and look for the business opportunities among the market games

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