Corporate Development Strategies in 2016

As we enter into the new year, McCullough Sudan is pleased to launch of its new blog: “Corporate Development Strategies” ( This blog will examine the legal, business and tax aspects of corporate development including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, expanding into new foreign and domestic markets, and the development and commercialization of technologies. We will also provide best practice tips and analyze trends related to growth strategies.


Upcoming blogs will discuss the function of the CDO and the corporate development departments in larger companies, and how to assembly corporate development teams in smaller, growing companies. To better understand the day to day activities of the corporate development team, we plan to post interviews of corporate development professionals.


One of the core functions of a corporate development team is to develop and execute growth strategies. This may include organic growth such as increasing sales, entering new territories and foreign markets, as well as commercializing new products. In many instances, corporate growth strategies will involve acquisitions and strategic partnerships. We will examine the “build or buy” decision making process.We will also publish articles delving into the legal and tax issues and best practices involved in acquisitions and other corporate transactions.


Another critical decision in a company’s growth plans is whether to enter foreign markets. We will discuss the legal, regulatory and tax issues involved with going international. While our primary focus will be on the legal issues of domestic companies entering foreign markets. We will also explore the legal and tax aspects of foreign direct investment by multinational corporations entering the US marketplace.

If you have comments or suggestions for our blog, please contact us at info@dealfirm.comпечи

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