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Dispute Resolution and Asset Protection


Sudan PLLC attorneys regularly work with business owners and physicians to structure their business interests and personal investments for asset protection and liability limitation. Asset protection planning may include the formation of entities to ensure the limitation of liabilities, as well as the separation of certain liabilities from revenue generating or appreciating assets. We will also advise our clients on best practices for operations, including the use of limitation of liability, indemnification and disclaimer provisions in contracts or terms and conditions.

Our lawyers will also help clients manage risk by negotiating the resolution of potential disputes, including the drafting and negotiation of settlement agreements, covenants not to sue and employee severance agreements.  We will also advise our clients of emerging risks, such as cyber security and data privacy liabilities.  In addition, we work with the client’s insurance advisor to ensure that adequate levels of insurance protection are in place to protects the client’s core business and personal investments.


Our attorneys have practical experience in dispute resolution and risk mitigation, as well as managing litigation. As a growth-oriented law firm, our objective is to always help our clients avoid risks and resolve legal problems without the need of costly-litigation or arbitration proceedings. Within our general counsel role, we develop strategies to avoid litigation, negotiate settlements, manage litigation,  and co-counsel with litigators when court proceedings, formal mediation or arbitration proceedings are inevitable. In addition, our attorneys have experience in mediation and arbitration in both domestic and international forums.

When disputes arise, our goal is to resolve them quickly so that our clients can get back to their proper focus: running their business. But, when litigation is unavoidable, our attorneys work with litigation counsel to protect the best interests of our clients.

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