The Economic Outlook: Headwinds to Recovery

Doug McCullough, partner at McCullough Sudan, sat down for an interview with Allison Schrager, Bloomberg columnist and senior fellow with American Enterprise Institute, about the economic outlook. You can listen to the full discussion here.  

What Biden Means for Trade

The Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce invites you to attend our Virtual Trade Panel on Wednesday, March 3rd at 12:00 PM CST. The panel will be moderated by Doug McCullough, Director of the CTCC and Partner at McCullough Sudan, and features panelists Clark Packard of the R Street Institute and Sean Speer of the University of

Marketplace Texas Podcast Debut

Join us for our new podcast, Marketplace Texas, co-hosted by Doug McCullough and Danielle Huddleston of McCullough Sudan. Marketplace Texas is a virtual continuation of our Marketplace Dallas private equity forum lunch series and focuses on middle market, law, finance and policy. In our first episode of Marketplace Texas, Franklin Parker, CFA, joins us for

Reopening Texas

Texas will begin gradually reopening for business on May 1st following state and local restrictions on personal and economic activities in response to the coronavirus epidemic. On April 27th, Governor Abbott announced that Texas would be gradually reopening in phases beginning on May 1st. His executive order would allow the phased-in opening of previously closed

Tech Industry Panel – Toronto

Aaron Woo will be a panelist on the Tech Industry Panel in Toronto on May 7th during the State Bar of Texas International Section’s Trip to Canada.  The panel will discuss the strong connection between Austin and Montreal as hi-tech leaders. The discussion will also include government subsidizing salaries and subsidizing benefits for new AI/Tech

On Stock Buybacks, Congress Has No Business Telling Companies How to Manage Their Balance Sheets

Although the United States government has run up a national debt that exceeds the Gross Domestic Product, two spendthrift United States senators have the temerity to lecture American corporations about how the latter should manage their balance sheets. Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Charles Schumer (D-NY) recently proposed forthcoming legislation that aims to prevent corporations

National Security Clearances for Foreign Investment in the US

Generally, US law makes it simple for foreign companies and individual investors to acquire US assets and invest in US companies. However, the President of the United States has the authority to block or unwind foreign acquisitions of sensitive US assets on the grounds of national security. Voluntary CFIUS National Security Reviews Parties to a