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Contracts and Commercial Agreements

There are legal aspects to every business transaction and contract. Whether you are selling products or services, licensing technology, hiring employees, forming a joint venture, or entering into a real estate transaction, there are legal issues that need to be considered and addressed. For many businesses, conducting business operations through well-written commercial contracts is one of the most important aspects of mitigating risk, limiting liability, and avoiding potential disputes.

Negotiating a transaction requires a very different approach from litigation. The ideal business transaction is a win-win scenario for the parties to the deal. When we negotiate business transactions for clients, we understand that our client wants to close the deal, but wants to mitigate their legal risks. We negotiate in good faith, with an expectation that a deal will be reached, yet never compromise on areas of real risk to our clients.

Our attorneys handle all aspects of domestic and international business transactions and contract negotiations, including drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide variety of commercial and business contracts in a variety of Texas industries. Our clients range from entrepreneurs, closely-held companies, to multinational corporations. Each attorney is detail oriented and understands the importance of carefully preparing commercial contracts that meet the objectives of our clients to ensure that business deals are consummated, while preserving and protecting our client’s interests, rights and legal remedies. Our attorneys strive to add value to your business by anticipating and addressing the business and legal issues and business contingencies in your commercial transactions.

Here is a sample of some of our contract drafting, review and negotiation experience.


  • Domestic and international sales and distribution agreements
  • Software licensing and development
  • Marketing agreements
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements
  • Contract manufacturing and outsourcing agreements
  • Research & development (R&D) agreements


  • Sales and purchases of producing properties
  • Oil and gas leases, joint operating agreements, farmout agreements, prospect acquisition agreements, master services agreements, drilling contracts, service contracts, and other related agreements
  • Stock and Asset purchase agreements related to the acquisitions and disposition of oilfield service companies


  • Employment and independent contractor agreements
  • Non-disclosure, confidentiality agreements and work-for-hire agreements
  • Employment, Executive, Consulting and Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Non-circumvention and non-competition agreements


  • Draft, review and negotiate real estate contracts for commercial properties ranging from office buildings to ranches, as well as industrial properties
  • Drafting and review of office, retail, industrial, medical office, and warehouse lease agreements, ground leases/land leases, and master leases
  • Assignment of leases


Our attorneys have experience in procurement and supply chain management in various areas of contracts, purchasing and engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”). This experience includes, the drafting, review and negotiations of contracts, as well as navigating through applicable regulatory compliance such as Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), UK Anti-Bribery Act. We can help your company establish contracting protocols, implement a contracting or procurement process, and draft and negotiate procurement and sales contracts. Our attorneys are also available for corporate training on FCPA and other areas of law and compliance.

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