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What Distinguishes Us

What Distinguishes Us

Our corporate law firm builds trust and long-term relationships with our clients through competent and creative legal counseling, clear communication and transparent billing practices. Our attorneys understand that the success of a client’s company requires a balanced approach of preventing legal problems while positioning their company for growth. We deliver innovative business strategies to manage risks and efficiently solve problems so our clients can focus on the continued success and growth of their business.


Our attorneys understand that our clients seek our advice so they can make business decisions, not because they are interested in legal theories or have an abstract curiosity about federal case law. Despite the complexities of laws and regulations, we strive to find advice that is on-point, actionable and not cluttered with self-serving disclaimers or endless discussions of improbable eventualities.

Our advice is based on an understanding of our clients’ business objectives that comes only from open and regular communication. Where appropriate, we can work with long-term clients to establish communication and reporting protocols to ensure that our clients stay informed about the progress of their business transactions and we keep abreast of changes and developments within the business.


Most of our clients are established business organizations with executives and principals who understand that legal fees and expenses are part of the costs of doing business. We also understand that you want value in return for those legal fees. Sudan PLLC builds long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and professional service, but also based on the idea that we add value to your business by providing cost-effective solutions and clear, sound advice. Through regular interaction and open communication, our law firm can help you manage your corporate legal budget and even be a trusted member of your management team. Through an understanding of your company, your industry and your business objectives, we can help you estimate an appropriate legal budget to help you manage the legal costs of doing business and defending your company’s legal rights. We can tailor our services to meet your needs. This can include working on a traditional hourly rate, on a project basis, or a customized fixed monthly or annual budget for outside legal department services.


Sudan PLLC is a boutique law firm by design. We are large enough to have the skills and experience necessary to meet a company’s needs for business transactions, day-to-day business operations and corporate growth through acquisitions or international expansion. However, we are lean and efficient enough to give you professional legal services at  rates that are very favorable compared to a national or multinational law firm.

There are some great law firms in the world. Some of them have over four thousand attorneys. But, chances are you wouldn’t need to retain all four thousand lawyers at a single time. For most day-to-day legal needs and business transactions, you need a law firm you can trust to give you timely, actionable advice at reasonable rates. With our nimble, team approach, we are confident we can meet the business transactions and general counsel needs of most companies doing business in Texas. When situations arise that are outside of our expertise or skill-sets, we are ready to refer to other attorneys and law firms in our network, or co-counsel as may be appropriate.

We are based in Houston, Dallas and Austin, but have the ability to reach across the state to represent clients throughout Texas.


Our independent judgement and professionalism is very important to us. We understand the need for marketing. However, we avoid the temptation to “productize” our services. Our clients are not looking for “turn-key” products, but are looking for actionable advice and professional insights. Likewise, we maintain our independent judgment when collaborating with other professionals. However, our first duty is to provide sound, honest professional advice to our clients.


Despite being a small law firm, we have professional contacts across Texas and around the world. Nearly all of our business originates from referrals from our professional network or clients. Our purpose as a law firm is to meet the needs of our clients. We are often asked for professional recommendations and gladly give them when we can recommend competent, trusted professionals. We also enjoy introducing our clients to potential business associates, partners and investors. We are not a business broker. This is merely a value-added service that we provide because we want to be part of your success story.


Sudan PLLC is committed to being engaged in our local communities. Our lawyers are active in several professional organizations, industry associations and non-profits across the state. Our attorneys are also active with speaking engagements and by moderating panel discussions on topics that are of interest to our clients.




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