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Vanguard Legal is a corporate transactions law firm with practical, business-minded attorneys. We are a team of experienced corporate transactions attorneys offering competitive billing rates and flexible billing arrangements.

As transactional lawyers, we are effective at closing business deals while protecting the legal and business interests of our clients. In our general counsel role, we provide prompt, actionable advice to enable our clients to make timely business decisions. By taking the time to understand a clients business, we help our clients identify and mitigate potential risks before legal problems fully develop.

As our web address implies, our law firm focuses on business deals such as mergers and acquisitions and international business transactions. The firm has grown to add technology transactions, commercial real estate transactions, and domestic and international tax planning strategies. In addition, we provide general counsel services to long-term clients. By focusing on our core practice areas, we distinguish ourselves from traditional full-service law firms. Our objective is to be a cost-effective alternative to large national and regional law firms.

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As business attorneys, we understand the full life cycle of a business. We understand entrepreneurs and business owners need to develop new technologies and raise capital to fund growth. Entrepreneurs require practical, cost-effective and strategic advice on corporate structure, fund raising, intellectual property protections, technology licenses and collaborations, employment agreements and many other matters.

One of the greatest fears of the entrepreneur is the fear of the unknown: liabilities, risks, and potential litigation. As experienced attorneys and business advisers, we solve problems and help the entrepreneur avoid costly disputes and litigation.[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”Entrepreneurship” style=”outline” color=”black” link=””][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row]