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Small Business

Sudan PLLC provides practical, cost effective legal solutions to startups and small business. When we advise a small business owner, we start by listening to their needs and long term goals. We work closely with the client to develop protocols to mitigate and avoid the legal risks associated with their business, ensure regulatory compliance and to help the client achieve their growth objectives. We strive to be an affordable alternative for small business owners by being practical and efficient, and by offering flexible, predictable billing arrangements.

We can help your small business in the following areas:

  • Help you launch your startup
  • Choosing the proper legal entity that is appropriate for your business plan
  • Protect intellectual property rights through trademarks, copyrights, trade secret protection and technology assignments from employees.
  • Prepare a buy-sell or shareholder agreement by and among the shareholders of the company
  • Facilitating business transactions and mitigating commercial risks by negotiating and administering contracts such as employment agreements, leases, licenses, terms & conditions, master services agreements, and sales and distribution agreements
  • Maintain accurate records, minutes and stock records to avoid the piercing of the corporate veil and maintain the corporate limitations on liabilities
  • Ongoing legal consultation, including advice to facilitate business transactions, legal risk mitigation, as well as business and legal problem solving

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