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State Bar of Texas International Newsletter - Navigating Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts: Legal Issues in An International Setting

In September of 2019, the ILS hosted a CLE Event in Austin, TX that was presented by a panel of specialized experts who shared a variety of perspectives on cutting-edge technology regulated by an ever-evolving body of law pertaining to the use of blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts in the next frontier of the Internet.

On the panel, Eugene Kesselman, the CEO of TapJets (the Uber of Private Jets, which uses blockchain technology to track its flights) taught us the current state of the various technologies and what he foresaw to be the growth of new markets and industries. Alfonso Monroy, General Counsel of Bitso (Mexico’s leading cryptocurrency exchange), shared with us the licensing and regulatory requirements of trading and transacting with digital currencies. Daniel Wood, Senior Associate at Pillsbury, discussed issues pertaining to money transmission and the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Aaron Woo, Partner at McCullough Sudan, moderated the panel, steering discussion of the topics and issues shaping the Global Digital Economy.

By: Aaron Woo, Partner

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